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RED HOT RETURN - 60" WreathKeeper Artificial Storage Bag


Red Hot Returns are deeply discounted items that have been returned by the original purchaser and/or taken out and "returned" to their boxes, such as items featured in demo videos, product display models, etc. All Storage Bags and accessories offered as Red Hot Returns are inspected to insure that all parts, hardware, and instructions are included and in like new condition. In some cases, the item may have a few Christmas tree needles or a small blemish, but is otherwise in tiptop shape and perfectly functional, hence the description "like new". In some cases, the packaging will have sustained damage during transit and may have copious amounts of packing tape as well as evidence of torn-off shipping labels. All sales of Red Hot Returns are considered final, which means they cannot be returned or exchanged.

Safest Way to Store Your Wreath!

Perfect for Protecting Your Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Festive Decorations.

Easy and Secure: Safely and efficiently store one fully decorated wreath, two non-decorated wreaths, or multiple garland strands in these handy heavy duty nylon storage bags.

  • Multiple Heavy Duty Handles
  • Hanging Straps (Inside and Outside)
  • Storage for Door Wreath Hangers
  • ID Card Holder
  • Reinforced Side Walls for Stackable Support
  • Zippered Inner Storage Bag for Ornaments Accessories

Dimensions: 60" x 60" x 9"
Product Code: TK-10115-RHR

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