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RED HOT RETURN - 29" Rolling Artificial Christmas Tree Stand


The Ultimate Artificial Rolling Tree Stand! 

  • 29" diameter
  • For a 6-9ft Tree
  • Fits "Trunk" diameter up to 2"
  • Holds up to a 9ft tree.
  • 2 locking wheels
  • 2 side wheels for rolling into storage.
  • "THE BEST" stand you will find

It's simple. Just lean the tree and roll it away to storage! It's now easier then ever to navigate your tree through doorways and around furniture. The heavy-duty reinforced steel collar assembly strengthens and protects the trunk of your artificial Christmas tree while keeping a tight grip.

The stand will raise your tree an additional 2.90 Inches above the floor. The shaft that holds the tree is 7.55 inches long and the base is approximately 29 inches across.

Your Tree Keeper bag can be attached to this stand for easier storage!

There's no other tree stand like this one available. The same stand that comes with our PRO TreeKeeper Bag models, this tree stand is the best on the market!

Dimensions: 29" x 29"
Product Code: TK-10259-RHR

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