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Original OrnamentKeeper Ornament Storage Bag


Our Best Setting Ornament Storage Bag. 

Storing Christmas trees is easy. Your ornament collection? Not so much. Not all Christmas ornament storage boxes are created equal! If you are tired of your Christmas ornaments being scattered all over the place consider our OrnamentKeeper Storage Bag. This handy bag has a unique nesting tray to organize your Christmas decorations. These storage solutions are lightweight and made of durable polyester that maintains its shape. Inside there are 4 lightweight trays with convenient handles for easy removal from the bag. All these adjustable compartments have a removable center divider to allow room for larger decor items like indoor lights, outdoor lights, wreaths, and garlands.

So if you're feeling ambitious this festive holiday season, just take the trays holding the ornaments you need and walk around the tree with everything right at your fingertips. The Ornament Keeper can hold up to 72 ornaments, keeping them safe from dust, moisture and other damage and even features a front round pocket for the tree skirt. These waterproof bags can help you make Christmas storage organized and easy. Because the holidays should be about enjoying your decorating!

  • 3 Lightweight ornament trays with convenient carrying handles.
  • Fit up to 72 ornaments!
  • Ornament Pockets Measure: 4 x 4 x 4
  • Inner metal self-standing frame increases support
  • 72 Ornaments
  • Heavy duty, self supporting storage bag features a front round pocket for the tree skirt.

    Dimensions: 27" x 19" x 14"
    Product Code: TK-10127
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