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Tissue Gift Bag Storage


Store Gift Bags for Every Occasion With This Convenient Solution.

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to keep your wrapping paper from getting everywhere while you’re trying to wrap presents? What about organizing your holiday supplies during the rest of the year? Good luck trying to organize gift bags by keeping them in the guest room closet of your house until you need them - what you really need is our wrapping paper organizer solution! This gift wrap organizer is much better than your closet rod, as you can neatly pack away your tissue paper and gift wrap supplies from going all over the place, both while stored away for the year and while wrapping presents. Store bags easily in the top pocket sections. Your paper is kept wrinkle free hanging on one of the six tissue rods found in the front pocket. Meanwhile there’s even space for all the other things you need to wrap presents properly, such as gift tags, tape, scissors, bows, and rolls of ribbons. The best part is you can just place this organizer up on a shelf whenever you’re done with it. Keep organized and make wrapping gifts for the holidays easy and fun again!

  • Separate compartments for gift bags and tissue
  • Hang tissue on tiered metal rods and keep it wrinkle-free
  • Inner frame for additional support and protection
  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric

    Dimensions: 18.5" x 8" x 22"
    Product Code: TK-10683
    tissue and christmas wrapping storage bag instructions

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