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Inflatable Storage Bag


A Safe-Haven for Your Inflatable Friends

Quick, what springs to mind when you think of outdoor holiday decorations? It’s not just string lights any more, is it? No, today the new kid on the block happens to be inflatable decorations depicting Santa and his reindeer, elves, penguins, or any other number of fun holiday characters. 

Inflatables are so much fun because they’re so varied. You can find just about anything you want for a holiday display, and they work great when combined with more traditional outdoor decor like string lights. Some of the other many benefits include being able to re-use them in your yard year after year, making them a great investment as well! At the same time, though, inflatables can be a bit cumbersome to take down and store for the winter. They come practically vacuum-packed in boxes that somehow seem nowhere near large enough to put them away once the Christmas season is over.

Well, we’ve had it with struggling with inflatables that don’t want to behave after their time is up. This heavy-duty inflatable storage bag is perfect for those inflatable holiday decorations that rarely fit back into their manufacturer boxes. Instead, these storage bags safely store your inflatables while securely compressing them for easy and convenient storage. Our bags will keep your inflatable decorations safe and sound for the rest of the year, keeping away the kind of dust, dirt, and moisture that can degrade your outdoor decor. Buy one today!

Easily fits 7.5 ft. tall inflatables
Wrap around zipper

  • Built in inner compression system

  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • Bag wraps up and can easily be stored in the corner of a closet

    Dimensions: 23" x 12" x 7.5"
    Product Code: 10189
    Inflatable Christmas Storage Bag Instructions

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