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Install N' Store Light Storage 3 Spool Light-Winder Set



Everyone loves the look of a gorgeously decorated home for the holidays. It’s a holiday tradition to have twinkling lights hanging both inside and out, greeting guests and delighting people as they drive by - it’s just one of the best parts of the season!

Of course, enjoying this also means having to put those little twinklers up, take them down, and put them away for the year when you’re done with them. Storing lights is a serious issue sometimes. How many times have you pulled out your Christmas light storage box only to open it up and find a tangled mess of bulbs waiting for you? We’ll bet it’s more times than you’d like to count!

This holiday season, go for the hassle-free Christmas light storage option. Our Install N’ Store winder is the most efficient light storage system ever! Not only does it store your lights, but it even helps you install them. Talk about convenient, your outdoor and indoor Christmas lights will coil neat and tidy thanks to this durable storage wrap solution. 

Do yourself a solid and get a quality storage solution for your indoor or outdoor Christmas lights this year. Don’t just shove your decor into a cardboard box where they’ll turn into a rat’s nest of plastic wires - use the protection of our Install N’ Store winder. Order yours today and pull the plug on that tangled cord!

  • Versa Clamp™ tool holds your reels on a rain gutter or ladder
  • Spool spins while attached to aid in installation
  • Comes with three extra large storage spools
  • Each spool stores 125 feet of mini-lights
  • Reinforced carrying handles

    Total Kit: 13" L x 13" W x 5" H
    Product Code: 10463

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