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Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year. The festive season is characterized by stockings strung up next to cozy fireplaces, mugs filled with hot cocoa enjoyed in a soft armchair while the snow falls outside, and merriment in the form of Christmas carols, lavish holiday dinners, and exchanging presents.

What’s the most famous emblem of the season, though? For many people, well-trimmed Christmas trees fill that role, and for good reason: they’re a tradition. While at one time, that tradition meant either going out and purchasing a natural one to bring home and decorate, today many people have switched to using artificial trees instead, and for good reason! Artificial ones don’t shed needles, requiring you to clean up after them constantly, and many environmentally conscious folks enjoy knowing that they’re not buying trees that have been cut down every year just to be thrown out in a few weeks with the rest of the trash. Just buying one, and keeping it for years at a time, also appeals to anyone looking to spend their Christmas budget elsewhere, such as on lavish gifts for their loved ones!

Your artificial Christmas tree is more than just an economical and environmentally-friendly option. In effect, it becomes so much more than just a piece of holiday decor, even one that’s emblematic of the season. Truly, one that you’ve had for years practically becomes part of your family itself. Artificial trees can easily last decades if you take care of them properly, meaning that your Christmas tree can soon become a beloved heirloom that you can pass down to your children or even your grandchildren along with their warm memories of spending time around it every year, decorating it and exchanging gifts with one another while they were younger!

But you can’t keep your tree looking good for posterity unless you take care of it properly. For every month that your tree is put in pride of place in your foyer or living room, there are 11 months or so that it’s placed in storage, eagerly awaiting the next holiday season to roll around. With your Christmas tree spending so much time in storage, it’s crucial to provide it the best protection you can so that it survives those long months intact to unleash its beauty and elegance to your friends and loved ones once again. This way, it will truly last for years none the worse for wear.

Sadly, long-term storage for artificial Christmas trees is often an afterthought. Trees often ship, unassembled, in flimsy cardboard boxes. You can reuse this box year in and year out, but the strain of repeated assembly and disassembly every time you set up and break down your tree’s branches will weaken the tree overall, meaning it won’t last as long as you would like. Even a tree that’s designed with hinges for easy storage can be placed to undue strain and handling from being put into storage in its original box repeatedly. Plus, that flimsy cardboard box just won’t do the trick when it comes to keeping dirt, dust, and moisture away from your tree - cardboard breaks down, it absorbs moisture instead of repelling it, and is simply not an ideal method for years of storage!

Thankfully, there’s a solution - our artificial Christmas tree storage bag system! This upright tree storage bag solution is the easiest way to store your artificial tree! Simply add this upright tree storage bag to your existing tree stand like an attached tree skirt and enjoy your tree for the season. After the holidays are over, open the skirt, pull up on the upright tree storage bag until it covers everything, use the included compression straps to cinch your tree tight, and this upright tree storage bag has your tree ready for storage in just minutes!

The TreeKeeper tree storage system attaches to your existing tree stand and acts like a simple tree skirt during the holiday season. When the holidays are over, open the tree skirt, grab the built in handles, and pull upward. The TreeKeeper compresses your hinged tree and gets it ready for storage in minutes! After you've compressed your tree, it's easy to pick it up and move to a closet, basement or attic. With the convenient and sturdy side handles, you can even hang it up in the garage next to the bicycles. Now you can save space with your large tree discreetly hidden from view. Out of sight, out of mind - talk about the ultimate in space savings! Meanwhile, when it's that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree is ready to setup and decorate for yet another memorable holiday season.

Wondering if our upright tree storage bag will fit your size artificial tree? Don’t worry - our storage bag options come in several different sizes to ensure you’ll be able to safely put your decor away for the year, no matter its size or height. We offer the TreeKeeper Foyer size upright tree storage bag for trees between 4’ and 6’ tall, which are perfectly sized for small, decorative trees in your entryway or anywhere else in your home. We also have the TreeKeeper Medium, which can accommodate trees between 6’ and 7.5’ tall, perfect for smaller-sized homes or for larger homes with multiple trees. Finally, we have the TreeKeeper Large, capable of handling trees from 7.5’ to 9’ tall, which are ideal for the focal point of your holiday decorations in a great room or living room with higher ceilings.

Not enough for you? We also are proud to offer our TreeKeeper PRO series, our upright tree storage bag line that comes with an integrated rolling tree stand for the ultimate in storage and mobility! This tree storage bag makes storing your tree upright even more convenient, as you can simply roll your bagged tree vertically through your home to wherever you’ll be keeping it, tree assembled and ready to go for next year. This tree stand is also available separately; if you already have one of our regular TreeKeeper bags, you can upgrade your existing bag with one of these rolling tree stands with no trouble at all.

Finally, we have our deluxe line of TreeKeeper upright tree storage bag solutions - the durable TreeKeeper PRO Decorated series! Coming in both Medium and Large trees storage bag sizes, this upright tree storage bag line can accommodate a fully-decorated and lit tree. With these deluxe bags, you’ll never have to face the time-consuming task of stripping the decorations off your tree at the end of every season only to put them back on next year. 

Please be aware that our upright tree storage bag collection is designed to accommodate hinged Christmas trees. If you have an artificial tree that requires each branch removed and its trunk taken apart before storage and to assemble once ready to be displayed once again, we have a number of different tree storage bag solutions for you, though! Our rolling storage bag line can accommodate disassembled trees as large as 12’ tall with ease.

  • TreeKeeper Foyer Bag
    Fits Small Trees 4-6ft
    regular $59.99
    special $39.99
  • TreeKeeper Medium Bag
    Fits Medium Trees 6-7.5ft
    regular $99.99
    special $79.99
  • TreeKeeper Large Bag
    Fits Trees 7.5-9ft
    regular $109.99
    special $89.99
  • GreensKeeper Bag
    Fits Small Trees 9-12ft
    regular $219.99
    special $199.99
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