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72" WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag


Safest Way to Store Your Wreath!

Christmas wreaths are just as important as other pieces of decor, up to and including your tree and all of its ornaments. Christmas decor has always been about more than just the tree - lights, garlands, and wreaths are all part of the equation, and if you’re looking for truly festive ways to open up the Christmas season with a bang, it’s not unheard of to get the biggest, most gorgeous pre-lit artificial wreath you can find and hang it up in place of pride.

Such a huge and breathtaking piece of Christmas decor is great when it’s up on display, but putting it away when the holiday season is over isn’t nearly as fun. It can be a real struggle to put a large pre-lit wreath back in the bag or box you were provided when you bought, and thanks to its size it can sometimes be a challenge to find another storage solution to cover that package to keep it safe from harm while it’s tucked away for the rest of the year.

That’s where our 72 inch wreath storage bag comes into play! You won’t find a better way to store your Christmas decor anywhere else. Thanks to its large size, this bag is perfect for protecting your wreaths, garlands, and other festive decorations.

Easy and Secure: Efficiently store one fully decorated pre-lit wreath, two non-decorated wreaths, or multiple garland strands in these handy, safe, heavy duty nylon storage bags.

  • Multiple Heavy Duty Handles
  • Hanging Straps (Inside and Outside)
  • Storage for Door Wreath Hangers
  • ID Card Holder
  • Reinforced Side Walls for Stackable Support
  • Zippered Inner Storage Bag for Ornaments Accessories

    Dimensions: 72" x 72" x 9"
    Product Code: TK-10116
    WreathKeeper Christmas Wreath Storage Bag Instructions

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