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24" WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag


Safest Way to Store Your Wreaths! 

This bag is foam-lined to protect your wreaths, garlands and other festive decorations.

Easy and Secure: With a 12" depth you can efficiently store one fully decorated wreath, two non-decorated wreaths, or multiple strands of garland in these conveniently handy heavy duty nylon storage bags.

  • Multiple Heavy Duty Handles
  • Hanging Straps (Inside and Outside)
  • Storage for Door Wreath Hangers
  • ID Card Holder
  • Reinforced Side Walls for Stackable Support
  • Bonus Features: Zippered Inner Storage Bag for Ornaments Accessories

Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 9"  
Product Code: TK-10111

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