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Christmas Wreath Storage Bags

Wreath Storage Bags & Covers: sizes 24", 30", 36", 48", 60", 72"

When it comes to holiday traditions, there are few things more iconic that a beautifully decorated wreath on your front door for all the world to see. Wreaths come in all sizes, and it’s easy to find everything from a small window style wreath to one that is truly vibrant and massive, large enough to serve as an accent piece for an entire interior or exterior wall.

Wreaths are popular pieces of holiday decor to be sure.  They’re also relatively sturdy and durable, as most wreaths are meant to spend a month or more being hung up on the wall. But what about the other 11 months of the year? Finding the right type of storage to protect your wreath’s decorations, garlands, and boughs for the better part of a year can be a challenge - you want them to be in great shape for next year, after all. 

It’s true that finding a safe place to store your luxury Christmas Wreaths is not easy. Christmas wreaths can be fragile due to breakable decorations or delicate decor, and it’s important to keep wreaths dust-free and protected from season to season. That’s where our new wreath storage back comes into play! Our new hanging WreathKeeper bag with Direct Suspend easily covers any lighted wreath. You can now hang your wreath storage bag in a closet and store multiple Christmas wreaths with the WreathKeeper storage bag.

Our wreath keeper premium wreath storage bag line offers options in all popular wreath sizes, making it easy for proper wreath storage. The foam lined padding of our space saving wreath storage container keeps your beautiful wreath from suffering sagging, catching, or even more damage, unlike some other wreath bags. Featuring a zipper closure and a maximum protection wrap, there’s a wreath bag in our Christmas storage wreath bag collection for your wreath size!

Your gorgeous holiday wreath deserves nothing but the best. Place it in one of our WreathKeeper hangers, zipper it securely closed, and keep your wreath’s frame and decorations in perfect condition until the next holiday season!

Looking for even more ways to keep your holiday decorations in good shape during the rest of the year? has everything you need! We’re more than just wreath protectors - we offer a full line of protective storage, bags, and cases for holiday decorations, garlands, lights, Christmas village miniatures, and more. We even offer unique artificial Christmas tree storage solutions, stands, and accessories. Come shop our entire collection today!

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