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Wrapping Paper Storage

Storing gift wrap rolls and accessories isn’t necessarily difficult. Anyone can just toss unused gift wrapping into a closet where it will gather dust for months at a time. Storing them the right way, so they don’t come out looking like they were in the back room of a container store for ten years? That’s another matter altogether!

If you’re tired of having to constantly buy new gift bags, gift wrap, tape, or other accessories because yours keep getting ruined while put away for the year, we’ve got some great news for you. Now there’s an easy way to store all these wrapping supplies safely and securely. Not only that, now you can keep your gift wrap organized while you’re wrapping presents, all thanks to our great storage solutions!

Our wrapping paper solutions are a great way to store your holiday, special occasion, or Christmas gift wrap and tools! Access to your tape, ribbons, tissue paper, and accessories is just as important as ensuring you have space to store your rolls of gift wrap whenever you’re not using them, which is why our solutions include options such as tiered storage, clear view windows and a removable tool box. You can even easily hang them on a closet door, tall shelf, or slide them under a bed when not in use, knowing that the entire time everything will be safe, secure, and conveniently tucked out of the way. 

No one wants to have to run out at the very last minute because they misplaced their gift wrap - or even worse, because the gift wrap they thought they had left over was in terrible shape. Avoid this fate by relying on one of our fantastic products designed to keep everything clean, safe, and, above all, organized. Order yours today!

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