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Upright Tree Bags

Artificial Christmas trees are one of the best investments you’ll ever make when it comes to your holiday decor. Having an artificial Christmas tree means no messy pine needles to clean up and not worrying about contributing to climate change because you’re cutting down a natural tree. You can even use the same artificial tree for years and years - as long as you store it properly and take care of it.

In fact, setting up and breaking down your artificial tree at the beginning and end of every holiday season is really the only downside. If there was only a way to keep your tree upright and assembled so you didn’t have to break it down and shove it back inside that flimsy cardboard box it came in! Well, lucky for you, has an incredible upright tree storage bag collection!

Our upright Christmas tree storage bag line makes it easy to put your Christmas tree away for the season. Keep your tree assembled and simply pull this Christmas tree storage bag up and around it, zipping it tight and pull the included compression straps tight to keep everything safe and secure. 

Want an even easier time with upright Christmas tree storage? Add our universal rolling tree stand and you can just wheel your tree into and out of storage. Simply slip the bag’s center hole around the trunk of your tree and you can use the empty tree bag as a tree skirt. Then just the tree bag upwards, secure it in place, and let the rolling tree stand do the rest of the work. 

We’ve got storage bags for every size tree, making it easier than ever to store your tree after the end of the season. Order yours today and never have to worry about getting your tree into storage ever again!

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