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TreeKeeper™ Storage Bags

The artificial Christmas tree is one of those inventions that has revolutionized modern life. Celebrating the holidays has always been important, but having to rely on natural trees to hang your Christmas decorations on can lead to any number of issues. First, you need to go and purchase a new tree every year, as once one of these natural trees is cut, they will only last a few weeks. You can prolong this to some degree, but sooner or later you’ll begin finding fallen pine needles all over your floor - and you’ll be constantly cleaning up.

Of course, once the festive season is over, you’ll have to then dispose of your natural tree as well. This means removing all your ornaments, lights, and other decorations, boxing them away for next year, and then dragging the tree from your home to your curb in the hopes that your trash collector will haul it away for you. Thankfully, today we don’t have to worry about that - artificial trees look just like the real thing but without having to worry about falling leaves or getting a new one every year. 

Of course, just because you have an artificial Christmas tree doesn’t mean your problems are solved. You’ll need to store that artificial tree for the year once the Christmas season is done. That can be a true pain, as if you’re going to use the original cardboard box it came in, you’ll have to typically disassemble the whole thing in order to place it into storage. 

But no longer! Christmas tree storage is now a snap thanks to our TreeKeeper tree storage system. This upright tree storage bag  attaches to your existing tree stand through the bag’s center hole and acts like a simple tree skirt during the Christmas season. When the holidays are over, open the Christmas tree storage bag, grab its built-in handles, and pull upward. The TreeKeeper compresses your hinged tree with the included compression straps and gets it ready for storage in minutes! 

After you've compressed your tree, this upright tree storage bag is easy to pick up and move to a closet, basement or garage. With the convenient and sturdy side handles, you can even hang it up in the garage next to the bicycles! When it's that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree, assembled and ready to set up,  can be decorated in no time.

Christmas storage never has to be a problem again when you can store your tree upright for the year! Upgrade your storage experience even more with an optional rolling tree stand from!

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