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TreeKeeper™ PRO Bags

Looking for the absolute top of the line when it comes to  front zippered storage bag for your tree? Don’t mess around - choose our TreeKeeper PRO large capacity storage bag! 

The TreeKeeper PRO storage treestand bag offers the same great features of the TreeKeeper storage bag but goes the extra mile. This storage treestand bag also includes the heavy duty 2-way PRO rolling tree stand. The PRO rolling tree stand is the best way to add strength to your tree and to easily roll your tree into storage with the TreeKeeper bag cover.

As one of the most commercially available tree stand storage bags ever, the TreeKeeper PRO is a weather resistant front storage bag that offers more durability than other tree stands. Completely redesigned to be durable and hold your tree secure over the long months in between festive seasons, these PVC-lined storage bags come with zippered pockets and feature three different sizes: medium, large adjustable, and decorated. That’s right, with our storage bags you don’t even have to take the decorations off your artificial tree before slipping this sturdy, PVC-lined bag over it before wheeling it into a closet or garage for storage.

Don’t trust the flimsy cardboard box that your artificial tree came in. Choose one of our TreeKeeper PRO storage bags with built-in tree stands today!

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