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Decorated Christmas Tree Bag

TreeKeeper PRO Decorated - Store Your Christmas Tree Fully Decorated, Ornaments and All! Then Just Roll Into Storage.

Is there anything better than gathering around a nice, tall artificial Christmas tree with your family? They’re just so much easier than dealing with a natural tree. No more vacuuming up and throwing out bags of fallen needles off your floor is a major advantage during the holiday season, after all! Even better, you can use your tree for the next season without having to go out and buy a new one!

Of course, there are some disadvantages to artificial Christmas trees. First and foremost, storage can be a problem. These artificial trees often come with a flimsy cardboard container that’s really not suited to long-term tree storage.  Sometimes you can’t even keep large trees assembled in storage, as you might need to detach your tree branches because they won’t fit in their original box any other way. There’s not even any guarantee that it won’t gather a bit of dust and dirt hile in house storage. Meanwhile, you’ve also got to take down all your holiday decorations, which means spending hours packing them away to keep them safe until it’s time for more holiday festivities. 

Thankfully, there’s now a way to avoid all these problems: Christmas tree bags. Specifically, a Christmas tree storage bag from! Now you can just cover even a tall decorated tree & roll it into storage with our upright tree storage bag line.  Our deluxe TreeKeeper Pro Decorated Christmas tree storage bags even come with a rolling stand. No need to break down your tree or take off its decorating - just use the TreeKeeper Upright Tree Storage Bag as a tree skirt by placing the tree through the bag’s center hole, then open the bag, pull it upward, and zip the bag up around your decorated tree when it’s time to put things away. Carry it away with the built in wheels to your indoor storage room, garage, or closet. This sturdy, durable Christmas tree storage system protects your artificial tree assembled and complete with lights and other decorations! 

  • First, attach the storage bag to the stand. You may also cover the bag with your favorite skirt as well if you like.
  • Then install your tree onto the stand for the LAST time!
  • After that just decorate your tree & enjoy the season.
  • After the season, open the attached bag & zip the four fabric panels up and over your decorated tree!
  • Lastly, just cart your tree away, making storing easy!
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