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Tree Storage Bags

Just because you’ve got a small tree doesn’t mean you don’t have a big Christmas spirit! Plenty of people choose to decorate with one large tree and then several smaller ones because their holiday spirit moves them. This makes your home look and feel extra-festive to be sure!

The only problem with this is that storing your trees after the festive season is over becomes a bigger job. You’ve got to make sure every single tree gets put away safely and carefully so that it will be ready to go for the holiday season next year. It therefore becomes important to select the right type of storage solutions to keep your holiday decor in great shape.

Our small Christmas tree storage bags are ideal for storing artificial trees up to 6 ft, and 30” in diameter. Our small tree bags include the upright Foyer treestorage bag, the HolidayKeeper, the Basic multi-use bag, and the TreeDuffel tree storage bag, which can fit multiple small trees at once.

If you want to keep your Christmas tree in great shape from one year to another, choose one of our tree storage solutions. These waterproof bags are perfect for keeping dust, dirt, and moisture away from your trees throughout the long months in between holiday seasons and ensure that your tree will emerge from its long sleep ready to be proudly displayed once more, ready to help you celebrate the festive season once more.

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