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30" Wreath Storage Cover



Safe and Economical Way to Store Your Wreath

Our 30" Basic Wreath Storage Bag w/Direct Suspend is a wonderful way to hang your Christmas Wreath using hooks. The Direct Suspend handle connects to a hook inside the wreath bag which is then connected to the wire frame of your wreath.

When the wreath bag is hung on the wall using hooks it is suspended and not slumped or distorted. So, when you retrieve your wreath from storage it will not be bent, curved, out of shape, or damaged.

The fabric is light-weight and soft, not designed for stacking or for other heavy object to be layered on top. Our Basic Wreath Storage Bag is for hanging, and is an easy storage solution!

  • Direct Suspend system attaches directly to your wreath frame
  • Wrap around zipper for easy loading
  • Padded carrying Handles
  • Made of durable, wipe clean fabric

Dimensions: 30" x 30" x 7" 
Product Code: 10154

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