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Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels

When it comes to choosing a Christmas tree every season, many of us have turned away from relying on natural trees and have chosen an artificial one instead. An artificial tree offers so many benefits that natural trees simply can’t - they don’t require constantly cleaning up after while their needles slowly fall off inside your home, for example. Additionally, you can reuse an artificial tree year after year if you take good care of it.

There is one disadvantage of  an artificial Christmas tree, though, and that’s when it comes to putting it away after the festive time of year has come to an end. Christmas tree storage is a challenge, as the original box your tree comes in is only designed to accommodate a tree after its branches have been bent down or even removed. Disassembly can be a hassle, especially since you need to typically remove all the lights, decorations, and ornaments before storing it in your closet, basement, or garage. If only there was another way, one that didn’t involve stowing half a dozen tree pieces in a flimsy box!

Look no further, because has the answer! Our premium Christmas tree storage bags come complete with wheels to make tree storage simple and easy. Artificial Christmas trees can be heavy, and can weigh 50lbs to 100 pounds. A Christmas tree storage bag with wheels is the best way to easily and safely roll your tree with minimal effort. Our full line of Christmas tree storage bags are made from durable, dust and moisture resistant materials like canvas to keep the tree inside safe while in storage. With the ability to store trees from anywhere between 6 feet tall to 12 feet tall, even very large trees can be put away in order to save space in your home.

That’s not all, though! Wouldn’t you like to put your tree away with all its decorating intact? Think about how much room you’ll save by not having to use separate boxes for all your different decorations - just one storage bag, purposely designed to store decorated trees quickly and safely. The best of all is this storage bag has built-in wheels as well, so you can be sure that not only is your holiday decor protected from dirt and other debris while it's safe in its storage bag, you can simply pull it out of storage, roll it on its integrated stand, and take the covers off. No assembly required!

Here at, we’ve got storage bags for every one of your holiday decoration needs, such as our gorgeous wreath bags to keep that artificial holiday wreath in perfect condition while stored. Don’t replace your holiday decorations and decor every year because they didn’t survive being put away - protect them from wear and tear with a TreeKeeper bag!

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