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Christmas Light Storage Bags

Keep your lights safe and organized. Easily wind, wrap, and store your Christmas lights. 

There’s nothing better than that glorious sparkle of a lit Christmas tree. Having those merrily twinkling colors strung up outside your home for friends and neighbors to see makes the season even more festive! However, if there’s one thing that’s not so great about decorating for the holiday season it’s when you pull your decorations out of the closet and realize you’re going to have to spend hours straightening out wires before you can even hang anything up at all.

If you’re like us, you’re really tired of having to deal with these tangles every year! No one likes pulling their Christmas decorations out of storage only to find that their lights have turned into a huge rat’s nest of cables. You can sit and painstakingly unravel those tangles for hours if you like - or you can rely on one of our new holiday light storage solutions! 

Whether they’re destined for use outside your home or they’re going to deck your artificial tree alongside your other ornaments, our string light storage options will help you save space and make that painstaking unraveling process a thing of the past. Our Cord Shark tool makes storing everything from tree lights to even extension cords easier than ever, while our INSTALL-N-STORE tool will make both setting up and taking down your outdoor holiday decorations as easy and painless as they’ve ever been!  

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