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Basic Upright Tree Storage Bag



Same upright storage process at a lower price.

Our Basic upright storage bag for slim trees is a great option for storing a small and light-weight Christmas tree. Works just like our best selling TreeKeeper bags only made from thinner, lighter, and less expensive materials. Just like the TreeKeeper, the Basic upright bag attached to your tree stand so you can easily cover it with your tree skirt. After Christmas just open up the bag, pull upward on the handles, and compress the hinged branches upward.

Please make sure your tree is not taller than 7.5 feet, and no wider than 40 inches. If you are at all concerned with material quality we recommend that you purchase the TreeKeeper heavy-duty bag.

  • Fits most artificial Christmas trees 6-9 ft.
  • Trees up to 40" bottom diameter 
  • ID tag for easy identification
  • Attaches to your existing tree stand and compresses at base
  • Three reinforced handles for easy rolling into storage
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester 
  • Stand Not Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Step 1: Attach the storage bag directly to your existing tree stand.

Step 2: After the end of the season, simply open the skirt around the tree.

Step 3: Pull the bag up around the tree. Tighten the top, and store for next year!

Dimensions: 96" x 33" 
Product Code: 10100
Basic Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag Instructions

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