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Christmas Village Storage

Christmas villages are a holiday season tradition for many families. Setting up these little miniatures to create a scene for the holidays is fun and festive, and collecting and adding to your village over the years is a wonderful tradition. However, storing these precious miniatures after the season is over can be a challenge to be sure.

Most Christmas village sets are fragile, expensive, and packaged individually in foam boxes. Reusing the original box every year is one option, but these boxes tend to wear down over time. At that point, what do you do? Cover them in bubble wrap and stick them into a plastic container? That’s one option, but those plastic containers aren’t the best way to keep your miniature homes, furniture, and figurines safe.

If you want a solution that’s perfect for your storage area, our multi-use storage bag is a great solution. These bags can accommodate 16-20 boxed village collections and still allow room for accessories in a large front pouch. This storage bag means never having to haul around weak and damaged cardboard bins full of delicate, valuable, and all-too-breakable Christmas village collectibles again. Protect your investment, and your holiday memories, with a bag for Villages and protect each storage box. The Village storage bag makes it easy to stack and store Christmas village sets, keeping them safe and organized between holiday seasons so that you can enjoy them for years and years to come!

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