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TreeKeeper PRO Decorated Storage Bag




Tired of decorating the tree every year? Just roll it into a closet or garage fully decorated! The TreeKeeper decorate will make storing and setting up your artificial tree a snap!

The holiday season is all about celebrating - and nothing says holiday festivities like having a tree in the house! It’s the best place to gather around with your family, opening presents, singing carols, or simply just enjoying some hot cocoa on a quiet, snowy night. You’ve got one choice, though - do you go natural or artificial?

Some people might not like them, but let’s be honest here: artificial Christmas trees are often the best choice for many holiday celebrations. An economical, environmentally-friendly choice for holiday celebrations, a single, good-quality artificial tree can last you decades of use, and all without the hassle of selecting a cutone, transporting it home, and then cleaning up fallen needles for weeks during the Christmas season only to throw it out after New Year’s. This convenience and longevity makes artificial trees, quite simply, just all-around better for just about everyone. 

There is one drawback, though: those flimsy cardboard boxes that trees come in from the store. Preparation for storage of these trees can be time consuming, often requiring you to either partially or completely disassemble its branches in order for it to fit. Not only that, but that box isn’t going to last more than a season or two of use - wear and tear will eventually take its toll. That’s where our Christmas tree storage bag comes in! This handy bag comes attached to a sturdy rolling stand. The TreeKeeper Decorated Bag conveniently hides underneath as a tree skirt. When you are ready to pack up for the year, you simply open the skirt and zip the bag over the tree to be rolled into storage. You can even leave your decorations on!

Our Christmas tree storage bags don’t just provide a better solution than your original box, though. Imagine how much easier it will be to set your tree up in minutes instead of hours with our Christmas tree storage solutions! When it’s that time of year again, just grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag, and you’ll be ready to celebrate. And it’s all thanks to one of our Christmas tree storage bags!

  • Includes TreeKeeper's Rolling Tree Stand
  • Attaches to your stand and compresses at the base under your tree skirt
  • Store your fully decorated tree upright, no need to take off the lights or holiday decorations.

Dimensions: 65" x 65" x 108"
Product Code: TK-10104
Pro Decorated Christmas Tree with Stand Storage Bag Instructions


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