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TreeKeeper Decorated Storage Bag - Without Stand




Already Have a Stand? No Problem! Check Out Your Favorite TreeKeeper Decorated Bag Without The Rolling Stand.

This bag fits nicely under the tree skirt during the holiday season. When ready to store simply open the skirt and zip the TreeKeeper Decorated Bag over the tree and stow it away, decorations and all! This bag is the most convenient way to store your tree.

Set up your tree in minutes! When its that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree is ready!

  • Attaches to your tree stand and compresses at the base under your tree skirt
  • Store your fully decorated tree upright, no need to take off the lights or decorations. 

Dimensions: 65" x 65" x 108"
Product Code: TK-10104-NS
Pro Decorated Christmas Tree Bag No Stand Instructions


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