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Christmas Garland Storage Bags

Just about everyone today uses an artificial tree when the Christmas season rolls around. But artificial Christmas trees aren’t the only holiday decor many people put up - when it’s time to deck the halls, everyone loves a good wreath or garland!

Packing up after the holidays can be a challenge, though. Christmas tree storage is easy - there are plenty of Christmas tree storage bags designed to keep artificial trees in great shape until the next holiday season. Finding a storage container for other Christmas decorations, though? Good luck. Christmas garlands generally come without storage bags, containers, or boxes, and are often stuffed in a corner or covered with a flimsy garbage bag. 

Well, we’re here to change all this with our garland storage products! Keep your ornaments and decor safe with a garland storage bag, which doubles as a Christmas wreath holder as well. These heavy-duty bags have enough space to easily store any decorated or non-decorated garland as well as holiday wreaths at the same time. You can even hang your garland storage bag right next to your artificial tree in a closet or from a new PRO Tree Storage Rack.

It’s hard finding the right sized garland or wreath storage bag. Choose one of our TreeKeeper garland and wreath storage bags and rest assured your holiday ornaments and decor will be ready to come out looking neat and clean every festive season for years to come! Because why should just your tree get all the protection?

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