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Tree Duffel Storage Box

Artificial Christmas trees have been such a popular choice for holiday decorations that just about everyone has one. In fact, because you can use them over and over for years, many of us have had the same one for a very long time. 

While today’s new designs are often easy to put up and take down thanks to a hinged branch design, older artificial Christmas tree designs often require you to disassemble the whole thing before putting it into storage. If you’ve got one of those types, you need a top-quality storage solution that will do better than the flimsy cardboard your tree came in from the store all those years ago!

Our Christmas tree storage bag systems feature wheels for easy ground transport, heavy duty material construction with reinforced handles, and carrying straps to make storing and transporting your tree both quick and easy. The durability of these bags is second to none, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about dust, dirt, or moisture getting inside and running your decor while waiting for next year. You’ve never seen a tree bag that can keep your holiday decor so safe and secure over the long months until the next festive season rolls around!

If you plan to store your tree in a small space such as a stairwell closet, or you have an older take-apart tree that does not have hinged branches, one of our duffel-style bags makes a great replacement for the cardboard box. We have a variety of tree duffel type storage boxes that can accommodate up to 9ft artificial trees, easily making our bags the best option for keeping your holiday decor in perfect shape while not being used. 

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