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Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Extra-Large Tree Storage

When you’ve got an extra-large Christmas spirit, the Christmas trees you choose to decorate your home tend to be large and in charge. Having a giant Christmas tree is awe-inspiring to be sure, and it certainly makes the holiday season festive! But when it comes time to take your tree down, storage becomes a bit of a challenge - especially with artificial trees.

Why is it so difficult to find a Christmas tree storage bag to fit your extra large artificial Christmas tree? Simple - most storage solution products focus on smaller trees. That’s why our extra large Christmas tree storage bag product features some of the largest capacity on the market! Our extra large artificial Christmas tree storage bags are designed to store 10 foot artificial trees, 12 ft trees, and even trees up to 15 feet tall. You won’t find Christmas tree bags anywhere else that can hold such a large artificial tree!

These heavy-duty, duffel bag-style Christmas storage bags are designed for easy loading and come with reinforced handles to make moving your stored tree convenient and quick. Included compression straps ensure that storing your holiday decor is just as easy and leaves plenty of room for every single branch of your oversized tree. Our extra large storage bags even have wheels so you can easily roll 10 ft and 12ft trees. If you’ve got a mega-sized tree to match your mega-sized holiday spirit, you need the GreensKeeper bag - the most popular extra large storage bag for a reason!

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