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Christmas Tree Containers, Boxes, Bags, Bins, and more!

by andy November 27, 2009

Are you looking for a Christmas tree container? Maybe some type of storage bag, or stackable bin to replace that old cardboard box? has a full line of storage bags for any size artificial Christmas tree – even bags for small potted foyer entrance trees! Take a look around our store, we guarantee that [...]

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10ft to 12 foot Christmas Tree Storage Bag

by andy November 19, 2009

Finding a Christmas tree bag to fit your 10 to 12 foot tree can be difficult. There are not many large tree bags designed to hold big 10-12ft Christmas trees. A 10 to 12ft Christmas tree can weigh over 100lbs, so the fabric used must be strong, sturdy, and the bag must have wheels – [...]

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The Best Rolling Tree Stand

by andy November 18, 2009

Our Professional rolling Christmas tree stand is truly awesome! It gets great reviews, everyone loves it, and it is super easy to assemble! Just lean the tree and roll it away to storage! The PRO tree stand makes it easier then ever to navigate your tree through doorways and around furniture. The heavy-duty reinforced steel [...]

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Rubbermaid Tree Bags vs. TreeKeeper Bags

by andy November 18, 2009

What is the difference between the Rubbermaid tree storage bag vs. the TreeKeeper tree duffel bag? Rubbermaid uses the name “Tree Keeper” and this search term brings a good traffic to our website, however, we also get a lot of questions regarding Rubbermaid storage bags. Rubbermaid bags sell for around $10 – they are cheap, [...]

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Store Your Christmas Tree From The Garage Ceiling

by andy November 18, 2009

Need more storage space? Why not store your tree hanging from the ceiling! The above image is borrowed from a 2008 blog post and clearly illustrates an innovative approach to storing your artificial Christmas tree when you are running out of room… Do you have an innovative storage method for your Christmas tree? send us [...]

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Christmas Tree Stand Fit-Guide

by andy November 13, 2009

How do you know if your Christmas tree will fit into our PRO rolling tree stand (TK-10108RS)? We get this question every day, and the answer is very simple. Our PRO rolling tree stand will fit a tree trunk up to 2.25″ in diameter. The diameter refers to the width of your trunk. 90% of [...]

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Storing Your Pull-Up Christmas Tree

by andy November 12, 2009

Pull-up artificial Christmas trees are more popular then ever this year. They are a quick, convenient, and inexpensive way to decorate for the Christmas holiday. A great storage trick for keeping your Pull-up tree safe and secure is to store it using our WreathKeeper Storage Bag. Simply measure the diameter of your pull-up tree and [...]

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Finding the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag

by andy October 28, 2009

Christmas tree bags for every budget. If, as they say, variety is the spice of life, the choice we have in Christmas tree bags today is a little like picking out a Christmas gift for your aunt Martha. For at least the past five years or so, it could be argued that too much variety [...]

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Storing Christmas Ornaments With Nesting Ornament Keeper

by andy October 19, 2009

Christmas Ornaments can be delicate, fragile, irreplaceable, and expensive. An heirloom Christmas tree topper is the last thing you want dusty, wet, or smashed. We know you’ve been using tissue paper and shoe boxes for storing your beautiful tree ornaments, risking the odds that they will survive in that environment for ‘one more year’. This [...]

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For Smaller Trees: The Tree Keeper Foyer Tree Bag

by andy October 16, 2009

Click for Larger Image The all-new Foyer Tree Bag has all of the great features of our large and medium Tree Keeper bags, but it is specifically designed for storing artificial Christmas trees from 4′ – 6′ in height. No longer will you need to stuff your artificial Christmas tree in a cardboard box or [...]

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Storing Your Christmas Lights With Light Rack From Tree Keeper

by andy October 14, 2009

Are your Christmas Lights working with you, or fighting against you? Hanging Christmas Lights doesn’t have to be a frustrating challenge every year. The Light Rack Mini Christmas Light Storage Bag can help make your Holiday Season a lot smoother, easier, and brighter. No more tangled wires! The Light Rack features a unique spool and [...]

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Storing Your Christmas Wreath With Wreath Keeper

by andy October 08, 2009

An excellent solution to protecting and storing your Christmas wreaths, the Wreath Keeper will hold one decorated wreath, two non-decorated wreaths, or even several Christmas garlands. There is a Christmas Wreath Keeper for virtually any size wreath you may have: Available Sizes: 24″ Christmas Wreath Keeper 36″ Christmas Wreath Keeper 48″ Christmas Wreath Keeper 60″ [...]

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