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Storing Your Christmas Lights With Light Rack From Tree Keeper

by andy October 14, 2009

Are your Christmas Lights working with you, or fighting against you? Hanging Christmas Lights doesn’t have to be a frustrating challenge every year. The Light Rack Mini Christmas Light Storage Bag can help make your Holiday Season a lot smoother, easier, and brighter.

No more tangled wires! The Light Rack features a unique spool and rack design to make light installation a snap. Whether you want Christmas lights on the tree, the porch or the roof, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with this professional gear from Tree Keeper Bag.

Each Light Rack kit contains two spools, each capable of holding up to 100 feet of Christmas lights. The Light Rack Mini Christmas Light Storage Bag features independent spools and rotating handles, so you’ll have your Christmas lights put away or installed quickly and easily.

Each Light Rack comes encased in a durable outer bag, able to withstand cold outdoor work and long periods in storage. And, at our price, it is a bargain that is hard to beat.




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