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Spring Cleanup Is Coming

by andy February 15, 2008

While almost everyone is looking forward to Spring because of the warmer weather and beautiful colors, some are not looking forward to the cleaning that goes along with it. If organizing storage areas is something you put off because of those holiday decorations that always seem to be in the way, visit for holiday storage solutions that are durable and easy to manage.

Use the OrnamentKeeper bag to cut down the amount of boxes that store ornaments and are always get in your way. Just place all important Christmas ornaments in one durable, and easy to move storage bag with compartments for 80 ornaments.

If you hate going into storage areas because somehow the lights always tangle around your legs and feet, the LightKeeper can help you. It neatly wraps strands of lights onto two spools that are protected by a sturdy storage bag with a handle for easy movement.

The biggest problem you may have is trying to avoid that crumbling cardboard box holding your Christmas tree, one wrong movement and the box along with the tree is ruined. The TreeKeeper bag is perfect for artificial Christmas tree storage because of its long-lasting fabric and easy to store bag. Simply close up your tree then put it into storage standing upright and out of the way.

While Spring cleaning is never easy, it can be much less stressful with proper storage solutions that organize and allow easy access to storage areas. This spring, straighten up and simplify Christmas storage for easy decorating next holiday season.



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