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Safely Storing Your Christmas Village Collection

by andy November 20, 2008

Snow is falling outside, Christmas music is playing, and you are sipping on hot cocoa and pulling your Christmas Village out of storage. As you arrange your beautiful Christmas Village collection for the holidays, it looks so wonderful; nothing could spoil this perfect winter afternoon. You continue pulling your Christmas Village out of storage for display when you notice…WHAT!….. one of your favorite pieces… is…. cracked! 

It turns out that your storage system for your fragile Christmas Village collection was not a good one. Sure, you kept telling yourself you needed to do something about it, that you wanted your decorations and ornaments to be safe while you kept them stored away in your attic, but it turns out that thinking about finding a better Christmas Village storage solution and actually doing something about it were two completely different things. 

And now look at what has happened! You’re really kicking yourself now, aren’t you? That piece completed your perfect Christmas Village display! Sure, you could order another, but it was expensive. And it might have been a limited edition piece, now that you think about it. So yeah, you could maybe find a new one on eBay for a lot more than you spent on the original one - if you can find one at all. Or maybe it was a gift from a loved one? What will you tell them when they come over for Christmas dinner and the Christmas decorations they gifted you aren’t on display? 

So you could replace it with something else. Something not nearly as beautiful, not nearly as meaningful, and not nearly as important to you and your family. That’s not much of an option, is it? Well, you could always display the one you have, right? Just kind of position it so that the crack isn’t all that visible? Except that you know every time you walk past all you will see is that huge crack in your beautiful Christmas Village. Even if you’re the only one who knows it’s there. And what if it’s impossible to hide? If it was a gift, you’re going to have even more explaining to do as to why you didn’t love your gift enough to keep it safe so that you can use it for years to come. You can kiss that relationship goodbye. The whole situation is enough to ruin the holiday season in your mind for sure. So much for Christmas cheer!

But you don’t have to lose all hope. That’s not exactly in the spirit of the season, is it? There are ways that you can stop such a terrible fate, and they’re easier than you might think!  In fact, if your Christmas Village is still in good shape, you can take steps now to ensure that each and every precious accessory is safe for years to come - but you have to act now, before the inevitable accident happens and you end up watching your dreams of a merry Christmas season crumble away to dust. So how can you make sure your precious and expensive Christmas Village decorations will be stored safely for next season? The VillageKeeper Christmas Village Storage Bag from is the answer! You simply place your Christmas Villages back in their original storage box at the end of the holiday, store them in the VillageKeeper, and dust off your hands because guess what - you’re done, baby! 

The VillageKeeper is the ultimate Christmas Village storage solution. It will easily fit 25-30 buildings in one storage bag, plus accessories, and keep them safe and secure for an entire year until you’re ready to set up your village once more. Built of a heavy duty polyester/nylon fabric, much like a strong canvas, the VillageKeeper will keep your Christmas Villages all stored together safely, free from chips, cracks, and broken pieces caused by poor storage. The VillageKeeper also has wheels to easily roll your Christmas Villages into storage once they are safely packed away. No more struggling with big bulky boxes across your home or up and down stairs again! Never allow bad storage to put a damper on your Christmas decorating again. Protect your investments, your relationships, and your dearest memories with the VillageKeeper and other great storage options from is a name you can trust. They’re more than just experts on storing  your Christmas tree safely until next year - they have everything you need to keep all types of Christmas decorations safe and organized while packing and unpacking them at the beginning and end of every festive season. Don’t rely on just some plastic containers stacked haphazardly in your storage area - this type of storage box just isn’t safe and secure enough. Instead of a plastic container that allows dust and dirt to accumulate on your decorations, rely on an organized packing solution that



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