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Rubbermaid Tree Bags vs. TreeKeeper Bags

by andy November 18, 2009


When it comes to household storage, Rubbermaid is one of the most well-known brands out there. There’s a reason for this - they’re popular and affordable. Plenty of people use them everyday to store everything from leftovers from dinner to clothes in their closet and even more. In fact, Rubbermaid even makes great coolers and water bottles for keeping your food ready and waiting for you during summer fun! However, they’re not really the best option out there for everything or every use. When it comes to storing holiday season decorations, like artificial trees, decorative wreaths, garlands, ornaments, or anything else you need every year to turn your house into a welcoming holiday home, then Rubbermaid isn’t nearly as great as it could be. We should know; after all, here at we are the decoration and wreath storage experts. We’ve been coming out with the best ornament, tree, and wreath storage container products for a long time!

But what is the difference between the Rubbermaid tree storage bag vs. the TreeKeeper tree duffel bag, anyway? Well, Rubbermaid uses the name “Tree Keeper” for their storage bins. This search term brings a lot of good traffic to our website, so we’re grateful for that. On the other hand, though, we also end up having to field a lot of questions regarding Rubbermaid storage bags.

Rubbermaid bags sell for around $10 – they are cheap, and for good reason. Most of the cost involved with any tree storage bag is in the fabric used in construction. Rubbermaid bags simply are not constructed with durable materials or long lasting fabric. One product review found on says it best, “Only one minor negative observation – the metal parts of the tree can poke through the bag.” Maybe that sounds minor to you, but this is a serious red flag when it comes to our products - we would never design a polyester tree or wreath storage bag that could be so easily punctured! That’s a great way to let dirt, dust, and moisture into your holiday season decorations while they’re in storage for months at a time - and if you’ve ever seen what artificial wreaths look like after they’ve been exposed to the elements for 10 or 11 months straight, it’s not a pretty sight.

We take tree, ornament, and wreath storage seriously here. That’s why our TreeKeeper tree bags are made using a heavy-duty 600 denier poly/nylon blend – similar to fabric used in rugged outdoor camping backpacks, boat covers, and patio furniture and designed to stand the test of time for years without ever breaking a sweat. That’s why our tree and wreath bags simply don’t let in any dust, dirt, or water that could ruin your wreaths or garlands. In fact, we’re so confident in our tree and wreath storage solutions that TreeKeeper bags are guaranteed to keep your decor safe for a minimum of 5 years. Try getting that kind of longevity out of a Rubbermaid bin or box. You simply can't - and you’d have to be a little crazy to try!

We would be crazy to tell Rubbermaid how to make food containers for your fridge. We don’t know the first thing about it. But we do know plenty about storing holiday decor safely, securely, and in ways that make setup and teardown quick and easy so that you can enjoy your holidays without stressing about lost or damaged Christmas ornaments. In other words, we know what we’re talking about, and we’re saying right now that Rubbermaid doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to this.

How do we know? We’ve learned the hard way when it comes to what works and what doesn’t, that’s how. We’ve long discovered the truth about Christmas decoration storage: if you have an artificial tree, wreath, garland, or any other type of Christmas ornament or decor collection that’s meant to last from one festive season to the next, you’ve got to take good care of them when you box them up for storage at the end of every year. Otherwise, why are you investing in an artificial tree or wreath in the first place? That’s one of the greatest advantages of using artificial - that, and you don’t have to worry about things like having to clean up fallen pine needles or knowing you’re contributing to natural trees getting cut down every year. Sure, you can put your tree away in the original cardboard box it came in. You can do the same with your wreaths, too. But these tree and wreath options are not nearly as sturdy as a tree or wreath storage solution that’s been expressly designed to keep each decoration safe and sound for months at a time, and much better than an old, beaten-up cardboard box could ever do.

You will always have plenty of choice when it comes to tree and wreath storage. You never have to choose a simple cardboard box for your wreath or tree as a result, or at least you don’t have to if you want your decor to last for years to come! And yes, plenty of people rely on Rubbermaid for a tree or wreath storage box solution. They’re popular, they’re cheap, and they’ve got great brand recognition. In fact, Rubbermaid bags are often purchased as accessories when buying your artificial wreath or Christmas tree, as they’re often on display right next to one another at your local big box store. 

However, in January when it is time to put that tree or wreath storage option to use, many decide that that Rubbermaid bag or box just isn’t going to cut it. That’s when they go looking for a better solution – like our Tree Keeper Bags. Don’t settle for a thin, flimsy box for your trees, wreaths, garlands, or any other holiday decor - use a tree or wreath storage box solution from Tree Keeper!

Here is an example of two Rubbermaid storage bags:



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