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by andy October 02, 2009

What You Need to Know About Storing Your Christmas Tree
and Other Holiday Items With Tree Keeper Bags

I already have cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, garbage bags and old sheets for storing Christmas trees and holiday items. Why do I need to shop at

Plastic bags, grocery bags and cardboard boxes are not ideal methods for storing artificial Christmas trees. Most likely, you will need to break the tree into sections, one atop another – practically begging for your tree to be squashed and misshapen.

Such bags and boxes tear and puncture easily – especially when a heavy tree is being carried to and from your storage area. This is a disaster waiting to happen at the beginning of every Christmas.

How is my artificial Christmas tree compressed by the Tree Keeper Bag?

The Tree Keeper storage bags have sturdy attached handles for pulling the bag up over your tree. The unique, expanding action of the bag will compress a hinged Christmas tree – lights and all – to around 22 inches diameter.

How much time does it take to set up and tear down my tree with a Tree Keeper Bag?

Your artificial Christmas tree can be set up or packed away for storage in virtually 5 minutes!

Does the Tree Keeper Bag come in different sizes? Will it fit smaller or larger trees?

The Tree Keeper comes in two sizes:

Tree Keeper Large Adjustable Christmas Tree Storage Bag Fits Full Trees 6-9ft
* For 6-9ft Trees
* 50β€³-72β€³ diameter trees or less when in open position
* 25β€³-36β€³ diameter when compressed.
This is the best choice if you are unsure about the size of your tree.

Tree Keeper Medium Christmas Tree Storage Bag Fits Slim Trees 6-8ft
* For 6-7.5 ft Trees
* 50β€³ diameter trees or less when in open position.
* 20β€³-22β€³ diameter when compressed.

Tell Me About the Construction of Your Christmas Storage Products!

Our Tree Keepers, Ornament Keepers, Wreath Keepers and other storage bags are made of a 600 denier poly/nylon material and are similar in durability to a heavy-duty rucksack for camping and hiking. All products are puncture and tear-resistant.

Is the Tree Keeper Bag waterproof to protect my tree from water damage?

The Tree Keeper Bag is water resistant and will protect your tree from moisture. It is not recommended that you store your tree outside or in places with severe moisture.

If I use the Tree Keeper Bag, can I leave decorations, lights, and garlands on when storing my Christmas tree?

The unique Tree Keeper Decorated Bag allows you store your Christmas tree – decorations and all – ready to come out next year.

Can one person set up a Tree Keeper Bag?

Yes, the Tree Keeper Bag can quickly be set up and stored with one person. It’s even faster with two!

My tree is taller than Nine feet – how will I store it?

The Greens Keeper Bag can handle a disassembled tree up to fifteen feet in height.

How do I know the sizes of Tree Keeper products?

Selecting the product you are interested in takes you to a page with a detailed description.

How sturdy are Tree Keeper Bags?

Our Tree keeper Bags are made from a durable, nylon material attached to a heavy duty, steel construction stand. They are made to easily contain your artificial trees without tearing.


Setting Up Your Tree Keeper Pro Tree Stand


Storing Your Christmas Tree With The Tree Keeper Bag




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