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Attic and Basement Christmas Tree Storage Options

by andy October 14, 2008

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? They call it “the most wonderful time of the year” for a reason, after all; spirits run high, the spirit of giving takes over even the most Grinchiest of humbugs, and, for a few brief weeks, we’re filled with that same wonder and joy that we had as children. It’s enough to make you want to deck the halls for sure! That’s why you spend so much time decorating your home, inside and out, so that your domain matches the warm, fuzzy feeling you have on the inside.

Of course, there is maybe one not-so-great part about the holidays. When that time of year rolls around again, that means it’s time to trudge down to the basement or up into the attic to dig for your artificial Christmas tree. The problem is that trying to find your tree amidst all the detritus in storage is often enough to put any Tiny Tim into a real Scrooge mindset! This type of tree is supposed to be a better choice, right? You got an artificial tree because it saves money every year, there are no pesky needles to vacuum up every five minutes, and you don’t have to contribute to the chopping down of a living tree every year, but it is true that when it comes time to store your artificial Christmas tree, it can be a bit of a problem. Unlike natural trees, you can’t just toss artificial trees out for the trash collectors every year. No, you’ve got to put your tree in storage somewhere so that you can pull it out next year and set it back up. It’s just not Christmas without a nice tree, right?

The problem, though, is that artificial Christmas tree storage is definitely a challenge. If you are anything like I used to be, you will find it stuffed back in the same broken down, dirty old box it originally came in, maybe wrapped inside a garbage bag (what a great storage idea! For cavemen, maybe). Not exactly the best storage option, especially if you wanted to store your tree in a way that would ensure it comes out looking neat and clean in time for the next festive season and without having to buy yet another tree instead. The problem is clear, though: that old cardboard container isn’t exactly the best way to keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from that beautiful tree you invested in, now is it? 

But maybe you have thought this storage thing through, and you store your tree in plastic totes. Maybe you’ve even seen that method recommended by people who do those tree storage tips on the internet or something and you said, hey, that seems like a pretty good idea, it keeps your tree clean and dry while in storage. Let’s do that instead of just wrapping the tree in a trash bag and sticking it in the corner like we always do! But wait a minute; storing your tree in this way isn’t exactly perfect, either! You have to store each piece of your tree disassembled in a different tote because when you went out and purchased the totes you could not find one that would accommodate your whole artificial tree in one neat and simple container. These totes are typically not the right size for even a broken down tree, even if you compress the heck out of your tree by squishing it down to as small as it can get. You can’t do that either, though, because you risk damaging your tree if you compress it like that! So instead you cram each piece of your dismantled tree into a different plastic tote, and let’s face it, plastic totes aren’t really designed with Christmas tree storage in mind.

I’ve learned my lesson. Too many ruined trees, wasted money, and hours of frustration in struggling with inconvenient flimsy cardboard boxes or cumbersome plastic containers, just to find that there’s a part missing or something ended up getting wrecked over the course of the year. No more tree envy for me - I have found a storage bag solution that is designed specifically for taking apart (up to 9 ft) artificial Christmas trees! The TreeDuffel bag is the perfect Christmas tree storage bag solution! Ideal for taking apart and storing larger trees, you can fit everything together, and not search around for each separate storage bin that contains a different piece of the Christmas tree puzzle. TreeDuffel Christmas tree storage bags fit all of the separated pieces of your dismantled artificial tree in one convenient expandable bag. 

This storage bag is the ultimate time and space saver for packing up Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, and other decorations in a quick and easy way!  Like many upright tree bags, this storage bag comes with wheels to make storing your holiday decor an absolute snap; all you have to do is simply roll it down the stairs and into your storage room for the year. It’s incredibly durable too, thanks to its reinforced handles, making it the best way to store your tree for years at a time - much better than that flimsy cardboard box that you’ve been “protecting” your Christmas trees with in the past! 

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive, and durable way to store, transport, and protect your Christmas trees, wreaths, and other decor, the TreeDuffel is your best bet! This storage bag will keep your Christmas tree investment dust free, clean, dry, and out of the reach of critters, so when next Christmas rolls around, your artificial Christmas tree comes out clean, colorful and ready to welcome in the new season. Storing your Christmas tree has never been easier. Don’t spend hours trying to figure out where you left your tree components in storage this year - use the TreeDuffel from for storing your holiday decor instead!




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