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Addressing the Holiday Mess
5 ways to get cleaned up and organized after the holidays.

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Addressing the Holiday Mess
5 ways to get cleaned up and organized after the holidays.

TRAVERSE CITY-While it's safe to say that most everyone loves the holidays, no one likes what comes when they're over: the clean up. There's just so much to do, with the outdoor lights, the tree, dishes, putting away ornaments and a dozen or so other undesirable tasks. has 5 great tips for making the arduous holiday clean up easier. 

Clean as you go: It's always a good idea to avoid putting off the mess until the end. Don't let dishes pile up and throw away wrapping paper as gifts are unwrapped. If small messes are dealt with as they come, it will seem much less daunting at the end.

Get started sooner, rather than later: No one wants to be that one neighbor who waits until March to start tearing down their lights. The longer they stay up, the harder it becomes to take them down, so don't put it off. The day after Christmas isn't too early and the second week in January is probably too late.

Don't be a pack rat: Many people tend to accumulate excess Christmas decorations, most of which become unused as the years go on. Don't feel the need to hold on to that string of lights that's half broken. That dingy old tree angel isn't getting any prettier in the basement either. There have to be at least a few decorations that can be done away with.

If you don't want to throw things out, be creative: If there are qualms about simply discarding the old ornaments, find creative ways to deal with the mess. Salvage working light bulbs from mostly broken strings. Donate extra ornaments and decorations to charity. Pass on cherished ornaments to friends and loved ones to make room for new ones.

Have a place for everything: Once it's time to put away the decorations, don't just throw them in boxes and trash bags. Get organized and find a place for everything to make next year's preparation that much easier. LightKeeper Bags are a great way to keep light strings organized and protected, and TreeKeeper Bags turn the job of setting up and tearing down an artificial tree into a quick and painless procedure. Put the ornaments in a protective OrnamentKeeper Bag and holiday wreaths in the WreathKeeper Bag.

About's mission is to provide the highest quality artificial Christmas tree storage bags and other holiday décor storage bags. offers holiday storage for artificial Christmas trees, wreathes, ornaments and lights in a variety of sizes--as well as holiday wrapping workstations and village storage. Please visit


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