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Friday, October 16, 2009

For Smaller Trees: The Tree Keeper Foyer Tree Bag

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The all-new Foyer Tree Bag has all of the great features of our large and medium Tree Keeper bags, but it is specifically designed for storing artificial Christmas trees from 4' - 6' in height.

No longer will you need to stuff your artificial Christmas tree in a cardboard box or Rubbermaid bin from Wal-Mart!

Simply pull the bag over the top of your tree and cinch at the bottom, or attach the bag as a tree skirt and pull up -- your Christmas tree is ready for storage in SECONDS !

The Foyer Tree Storage Bag from Tree Keeper is made of a durable poly-nylon and, like all of our products, is tear, puncture and moisture resistant. Heavy-duty handles make carrying your tree off to storage a breeze. Made expressly for smaller trees and topiaries, the Foyer Tree Storage Bag is just the right Christmas storage solution you've been searching for.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage for the New Year

It’s New Years Eve!...... You know what that means, after all the fun on January 1st it’s time to put away all the Holiday decorations until next year. Do you want to make it easy, fast, convenient, and have the peace of mind that your precious and expensive holiday decorations will be safe and neatly stored away? Of course you do, so check out for all your holiday storage needs; has everything, from upright artificial Christmas tree storage, to storage for dismantled artificial Christmas trees, Christmas village storage, wreath storage, ornament storage, and the list goes on, no Christmas decoration storage need is over looked by So start your new year off on the right foot, and make sure your holiday storage is organized, safe and convenient, for all the years to come!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Set Up and Take Down a Cinch Next Season

Christmas is almost here! By now you have your Christmas decorations all on display throughout your home and your tree is up and decorated beautifully, you are probably dreading the thought of putting it all away at the end of the season though, especially after it was such a headache to get out of storage, dust off and set up. Make this season the last season you ever have to deal with the chore of wrestling you artificial tree out of storage and assembling it again! Purchase a TreeKeeper Bag from , when it is time to put away your Christmas tree this season, attach the TreeKeeper Pro to your hinged artificial tree and that’s it, wheel it into storage with the rolling tree stand, it will be safe from dust, mildew, critters, any storage condition that could damage your expensive artificial Christmas tree. When it’s time to decorate next Christmas you will find your tree neatly tucked in storage, safely inside your TreeKeeper Bag. Best of all you can easily wheel it out of storage and into the desired position in your home, lock the caster wheels on the rolling tree stand to keep your tree in place for the Holiday, unzip the bag and that’s it your ready to decorate! has all kinds of great storage options for your Christmas decorations, so do not limit their convenient storage bags simply to your artificial Christmas tree, you can store, Christmas lights, ornaments, Christmas villages, wrapping paper and wrapping supplies, artificial wreaths, garlands, and the list goes on, so be sure to check out for “all” your Christmas decoration storage needs.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attic and Basement Christmas Tree Storage Options

That time of year is here again; time to trudge down to the basement or up into the attic to dig for your artificial Christmas tree. If you are anything like I used to be, you will find it stuffed back in the same broken down, dirty old box it originally came in, maybe wrapped inside a garbage bag, ( great storage idea,….. for cavemen!)

But maybe you have thought this storage thing through, and you store your tree in plastic totes, that seems like a pretty good idea, it keeps them clean and dry. But wait a minute; you have to store each piece of your tree in a different tote because when you went out and purchased the totes you could not find one that would fit your whole artificial tree in one neat and simple container. So instead you cram each piece of your dismantled tree into a different plastic tote, and let’s face it, plastic totes aren’t really designed with Christmas tree storage in mind.

I will never struggle with inconvenient flimsy cardboard boxes or cumbersome plastic containers again. I have found a storage solution that is designed specifically for take apart (up to 9 ft) artificial Christmas trees. The TreeDuffel bag is perfect for take apart artificial Christmas trees, you can store everything together, and no searching around for each separate storage bin that contains a different piece of the Christmas tree puzzle. The TreeDuffel Christmas tree storage bag fits all of the separated pieces of your dismantled artificial tree in one convenient expandable bag. And, it comes with wheels for easy storage; all you have to do is simply roll it down the stairs and into storage for the year. The TreeDuffel will keep your Christmas tree investment dust free, clean, dry, and out of the reach of critters, so when next Christmas rolls around, your artificial Christmas tree comes out clean, colorful and ready to welcome in the new season!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring Cleanup Is Coming

While almost everyone is looking forward to Spring because of the warmer weather and beautiful colors, some are not looking forward to the cleaning that goes along with it. If organizing storage areas is something you put off because of those holiday decorations that always seem to be in the way, visit for holiday storage solutions that are durable and easy to manage.

Use the OrnamentKeeper bag to cut down the amount of boxes that store ornaments and are always get in your way. Just place all important Christmas ornaments in one durable, and easy to move storage bag with compartments for 80 ornaments.

If you hate going into storage areas because somehow the lights always tangle around your legs and feet, the LightKeeper can help you. It neatly wraps strands of lights onto two spools that are protected by a sturdy storage bag with a handle for easy movement.

The biggest problem you may have is trying to avoid that crumbling cardboard box holding your Christmas tree, one wrong movement and the box along with the tree is ruined. The TreeKeeper bag is perfect for artificial Christmas tree storage because of its long-lasting fabric and easy to store bag. Simply close up your tree then put it into storage standing upright and out of the way.

While Spring cleaning is never easy, it can be much less stressful with proper storage solutions that organize and allow easy access to storage areas. This spring, straighten up and simplify Christmas storage for easy decorating next holiday season.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Protect Christmas Decorations All Year

Christmas decorations are often special and irreplaceable so why risk bringing them out next Christmas to see them broken or tattered. Make sure to save your priceless items and use an effective storage method so they will survive year after year.

Imagine what could be happening to the cardboard box you used to store your decorations in this year:
  • A basement can be a dangerous storage area since it tends to be damp and wet all year. A cardboard box sitting on the floor of a basement could be damaged by water which can ruin an artificial tree and its lights. The TreeKeeper Bag is water resistant and is made to protect artificial trees in damp conditions.
  • Choosing an attic for Christmas decorations can also be a risky storage decision. The roof of your house could start to leak from the snow or rain, causing your cardboard ornament box to suffer water damage. Mice in your attic space could also chew holes in your box and break or ruin special ornaments. Use the heavy duty OrnamentKeeper bag to protect your precious Christmas ornaments from the risks of attic storage.
  • Storage areas near children's toys and games may also be a problem since kids tend to knock things over to find what they are looking for. A WreathKeeper bag is perfect solution since it has straps for hanging on a hook rather than stacked in a box.
Protect your favorite Christmas decorations by using smart storage options in your home. Don't wait until next Christmas to properly store important Christmas items; make sure they survive storage without being damaged.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Great Solutions for Christmas Decoration Storage

The New Year has officially begun, and that means it is time to get your house back to normal. There will be no more Christmas tree, lights, or decorations until the next holiday season. Taking down the Christmas décor can be frustrating and difficult if you lack the correct tools. Using the TreeKeeper bag is a great way to store your artificial Christmas tree without the struggle and aggravation of taking down your tree and putting it back in a box until next year.

The artificial Christmas tree may be your biggest problem, but organizing other Christmas décor is also necessary in order to successfully decorate your house next year.

  • Placing treasured ornaments in a cardboard box could mean they will be ruined the next time you bring them out of storage. The OrnamentKeeper bag organizes up to 80 ornaments and can prevent them from breaking or cracking.

  • Taking down Christmas lights is another stressful situation since they can tangle and twist together which makes storage very complicated. The LightKeeper bag has two inner rotating spools that allow you to wrap your lights inside the sturdy storage bag for quick clean up and easy installation next year.

  • A fully decorated wreath should not be thrown in a box or undecorated in order to store without damage. The WreathKeeper bag can store fully decorated wreaths in a heavy-duty nylon storage bag allowing wreath removal to be effortless.

  • Wrapping presents is a complicated job since it involves wrapping paper, ribbon, cards, tissue paper, pens, bows, scissors, and tape. Storing the wrapping tools can be easy with the WrapKeeper which has easy dispensers and compartments that can also create a wrapping station for the next holiday season.

  • Holiday villages generate a great deal of attention during the holiday season because of their detail and uniqueness; however, most villages are fragile and can be broken with one wrong move. Use the VillageKeeper bag to store your village boxes so all of your buildings will survive storage.

Now is the perfect time to organize your Christmas decorations, so why wait any longer? Organizing your Christmas décor will make it easier for you to decorate your house for the next holiday season!

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