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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Christmas tree bags for every budget.

If, as they say, variety
is the spice of life, the choice we have in Christmas tree bags today is a little like picking out a Christmas gift for your aunt Martha. For at least the past five years or so, it could be argued that too much variety is the problem when deciding which is the best Christmas tree bag. From basic zippered duffel bags, to the latest professional upright storage bags with wheels, there are many types of tree bags to chose from. In order to help you sort things out, let's take a look at the features and qualities that you can expect to find in basic, intermediate and advanced bags with an eye to helping you understand what to look for when you set out to buy a Christmas tree storage bag.

Finding the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag: Cheap Entry-Level ($10-$20)

Christmas tree bags enter the market at around $10-14. The Mighty Stor tree
bag by Whitney Design is a basic green polyethylene duffel bag that can be found at large retailers such as Target, Walmart, Lowes, etc. These cheap entry-level Christmas tree bags are entry level and cheap for good reason – they often tear, fray, and do not safely protect the tree - many buyers end up purchasing a different storage bag later on and tossing away these cheaper bags. The cheap tree bags are sure to store your tree, that is, if you can fit your tree in the bag. Cheaper bags are often not large enough to fit higher-end full-sized Christmas trees. Remember that even the most basic Christmas tree bag is capable of storing a tree, however, you will sacrifice size, quality, and ease of use.

Finding the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag: Mid-Level ($39-$89)

At the next price l
evel you will find rolling Christmas tree bags that start at around $39 retail. These tree bags are incredibly popular for large, heavy, full-sized Christmas trees which are difficult to carry and move into storage. Features which differentiate the mid-level bags include better fabric quality, larger sizes, and innovative interior support straps which help protect and secure the tree. As you move up the price scale with rolling tree bags you'll find three causes for this increase. First, the bags will typically get larger and larger. Some of them are so large that it is a snap to toss a 9-10ft tree inside and tote it off to storage. Mid-level tree bags are mostly medium in size, but they have a rolling feature set. When you look at two bags with similar features at two very different prices, you might find that the more expensive bag includes 30-40% more storage area and the less expensive bag might be smaller.

Finding the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag: Professional Storage ($89-$199)

At the top of the market level you can expect that all Christmas tree bags include the rolling wheels, the fabric quality is top notch, and there are innovative time saving features that will make your holiday clean-up much easier. There are three types of tree bags that create the high-end storage category. The first is a heavy-duty rolling tree duffel bag, the second is the TreeKeeper Tree Storage Bag, and lastly the GreensKeeper extra large tree bag. The most popular in the group is the TreeKeeper bag because it allows you to store your tree upright without taking it apart… Trying to fit your Christmas tree back into the cardboard box, or into a duffel type tree bag can be very tricky and frustrating. For this reason, the TreeKeeper bag has rapidly become the best selling Christmas tree bag in the high-end market. TreeKeepers start at around $69 and can be purchased as a kit for $159 including a heavy-duty rolling tree stand. If you invested in a quality artificial Christmas tree that you plan to use for many years to come, our recommendation is to store it using the TreeKeeper bag. Investing a few more dollars in a professional storage bag will keep your Christmas tree protected and looking new for years to come.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Storing Christmas Ornaments With Nesting Ornament Keeper

Christmas Ornaments can be delicate, fragile, irreplaceable, and expensive. An heirloom Christmas tree topper is the last thing you want dusty, wet, or smashed. We know you've been using tissue paper and shoe boxes for storing your beautiful tree ornaments, risking the odds that they will survive in that environment for 'one more year'.

This year, you are finally convinced that you need the perfect Christmas ornament storage box. It's time to come to the Christmas storage experts at Tree Keeper Bag!

The Nesting Ornament Keeper Ornament Storage Bag is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Perfect for storing your Christmas tree decorations, the Ornament Keeper holds up to 80 ornaments in a convenient system of removable trays, allowing you to decorate your tree with the ornaments at your fingertips.

Just say "No!" to corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins from Wal Mart. Say "No!" to dust and moisture, mice and squirrels, nicks, cracks and breakage.

Get the Nesting Ornament Keeper Ornament Storage Bag today.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

For Smaller Trees: The Tree Keeper Foyer Tree Bag

Click for Larger Image

The all-new Foyer Tree Bag has all of the great features of our large and medium Tree Keeper bags, but it is specifically designed for storing artificial Christmas trees from 4' - 6' in height.

No longer will you need to stuff your artificial Christmas tree in a cardboard box or Rubbermaid bin from Wal-Mart!

Simply pull the bag over the top of your tree and cinch at the bottom, or attach the bag as a tree skirt and pull up -- your Christmas tree is ready for storage in SECONDS !

The Foyer Tree Storage Bag from Tree Keeper is made of a durable poly-nylon and, like all of our products, is tear, puncture and moisture resistant. Heavy-duty handles make carrying your tree off to storage a breeze. Made expressly for smaller trees and topiaries, the Foyer Tree Storage Bag is just the right Christmas storage solution you've been searching for.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Storing Your Christmas Lights With Light Rack From Tree Keeper

Are your Christmas Lights working with you, or fighting against you? Hanging Christmas Lights doesn't have to be a frustrating challenge every year. The Light Rack Mini Christmas Light Storage Bag can help make your Holiday Season a lot smoother, easier, and brighter.

No more tangled wires! The Light Rack features a unique spool and rack design to make light installation a snap. Whether you want Christmas lights on the tree, the porch or the roof, you'll be the envy of the neighborhood with this professional gear from Tree Keeper Bag.

Each Light Rack kit contains two spools, each capable of holding up to 100 feet of Christmas lights. The Light Rack Mini Christmas Light Storage Bag features independent spools and rotating handles, so you'll have your Christmas lights put away or installed quickly and easily.

Each Light Rack comes encased in a durable outer bag, able to withstand cold outdoor work and long periods in storage. And, at our price, it is a bargain that is hard to beat.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Storing Your Christmas Wreath With Wreath Keeper

An excellent solution to protecting and storing your Christmas wreaths, the Wreath Keeper will hold one decorated wreath, two non-decorated wreaths, or even several Christmas garlands.

There is a Christmas Wreath Keeper for virtually any size wreath you may have:

Available Sizes:

Protect your wreaths, garlands, and other decorative trims, safely and conveniently. Keeps them clean and ready to use on your first day of Christmas!

Each Christmas Wreath Keeper contains a zippered inner compartment for storing ornaments, bows, or even lights.

The Wreath Keeper is designed with reinforced outer walls so that several may be stacked to save space and are sturdy enough not to crush your Christmas decorations.

How Does The Christmas Wreath Keeper Work For Storing Your Holiday Wreath?

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Recycling Policy At Tree Keeper Bag

At, we believe in going green and staying green. In keeping with that belief, we have a policy of recycling as many of our materials as possible. If you receive a box that looks "used", it is not necessarily the fault of the shipper! When we receive return merchandise, or when we empty a case for individual shipments, we make it a habit to reuse all of the boxes that we can! In the rare event that we receive returns of any of our bags that cannot be re-sold, the material does not go to waste! We have a variety of businesses to donate the material to so that it can be cut and re-fashioned into new useful products.

We appreciate the inquiries we receive concerning our recycling policies - it lets us know that others are also concerned about the environment and in keeping a green earth.

Thank You and Happy Holidays
The team.



What You Need to Know About Storing Your Christmas Tree
and Other Holiday Items With Tree Keeper Bags

I already have cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, garbage bags and old sheets for storing Christmas trees and holiday items. Why do I need to shop at

Plastic bags, grocery bags and cardboard boxes are not ideal methods for storing artificial Christmas trees. Most likely, you will need to break the tree into sections, one atop another – practically begging for your tree to be squashed and misshapen.

Such bags and boxes tear and puncture easily – especially when a heavy tree is being carried to and from your storage area. This is a disaster waiting to happen at the beginning of every Christmas.

How is my artificial Christmas tree compressed by the Tree Keeper Bag?

The Tree Keeper storage bags have sturdy attached handles for pulling the bag up over your tree. The unique, expanding action of the bag will compress a hinged Christmas tree – lights and all – to around 22 inches diameter.

How much time does it take to set up and tear down my tree with a Tree Keeper Bag?

Your artificial Christmas tree can be set up or packed away for storage in virtually 5 minutes!

Does the Tree Keeper Bag come in different sizes? Will it fit smaller or larger trees?

The Tree Keeper comes in two sizes:

Tree Keeper Large Adjustable Christmas Tree Storage Bag Fits Full Trees 6-9ft
* For 6-9ft Trees
* 50"-72" diameter trees or less when in open position
* 25"-36" diameter when compressed.
This is the best choice if you are unsure about the size of your tree.

Tree Keeper Medium Christmas Tree Storage Bag Fits Slim Trees 6-8ft
* For 6-7.5 ft Trees
* 50" diameter trees or less when in open position.
* 20"-22" diameter when compressed.

Tell Me About the Construction of Your Christmas Storage Products!

Our Tree Keepers, Ornament Keepers, Wreath Keepers and other storage bags are made of a 600 denier poly/nylon material and are similar in durability to a heavy-duty rucksack for camping and hiking. All products are puncture and tear-resistant.

Is the Tree Keeper Bag waterproof to protect my tree from water damage?

The Tree Keeper Bag is water resistant and will protect your tree from moisture. It is not recommended that you store your tree outside or in places with severe moisture.

If I use the Tree Keeper Bag, can I leave decorations, lights, and garlands on when storing my Christmas tree?

The unique Tree Keeper Decorated Bag allows you store your Christmas tree - decorations and all - ready to come out next year.

Can one person set up a Tree Keeper Bag?

Yes, the Tree Keeper Bag can quickly be set up and stored with one person. It’s even faster with two!

My tree is taller than Nine feet - how will I store it?

The Greens Keeper Bag can handle a disassembled tree up to fifteen feet in height.

How do I know the sizes of Tree Keeper products?

Selecting the product you are interested in takes you to a page with a detailed description.

How sturdy are Tree Keeper Bags?

Our Tree keeper Bags are made from a durable, nylon material attached to a heavy duty, steel construction stand. They are made to easily contain your artificial trees without tearing.


Setting Up Your Tree Keeper Pro Tree Stand

Storing Your Christmas Tree With The Tree Keeper Bag

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