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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rubbermaid Tree Bags vs. TreeKeeper Bags

What is the difference between the Rubbermaid tree storage bag vs. the TreeKeeper tree duffel bag? Rubbermaid uses the name "Tree Keeper" and this search term brings a good traffic to our website, however, we also get a lot of questions regarding Rubbermaid storage bags.

Rubbermaid bags sell for around $10 - they are cheap, and for good reason. Most of the cost involved with any tree storage bag is in the fabric used in construction. Rubbermaid bags simply not constructed with durable, long lasting fabric. One product review found on says it best, "Only one minor negative observation - the metal parts of the tree can poke through the bag."

TreeKeeper tree bags are made using heavy-duty 600 denier poly/nylon blend - similar to fabric used is rugged outdoor camping backpacks, boat covers, and patio furniture. TreeKeeper bags are also guaranteed for 5 years.

The Rubbermaid bags are often purchased as accessoried when buying your artificial Christmas tree, however, in January when it is put to use many go looking for a better solution - like our Tree Keeper Bags.

Here is an example of two Rubbermaid storage bags:

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