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Monday, October 19, 2009

Storing Christmas Ornaments With Nesting Ornament Keeper

Christmas Ornaments can be delicate, fragile, irreplaceable, and expensive. An heirloom Christmas tree topper is the last thing you want dusty, wet, or smashed. We know you've been using tissue paper and shoe boxes for storing your beautiful tree ornaments, risking the odds that they will survive in that environment for 'one more year'.

This year, you are finally convinced that you need the perfect Christmas ornament storage box. It's time to come to the Christmas storage experts at Tree Keeper Bag!

The Nesting Ornament Keeper Ornament Storage Bag is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Perfect for storing your Christmas tree decorations, the Ornament Keeper holds up to 80 ornaments in a convenient system of removable trays, allowing you to decorate your tree with the ornaments at your fingertips.

Just say "No!" to corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins from Wal Mart. Say "No!" to dust and moisture, mice and squirrels, nicks, cracks and breakage.

Get the Nesting Ornament Keeper Ornament Storage Bag today.

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