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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Recycling Policy At Tree Keeper Bag

At, we believe in going green and staying green. In keeping with that belief, we have a policy of recycling as many of our materials as possible. If you receive a box that looks "used", it is not necessarily the fault of the shipper! When we receive return merchandise, or when we empty a case for individual shipments, we make it a habit to reuse all of the boxes that we can! In the rare event that we receive returns of any of our bags that cannot be re-sold, the material does not go to waste! We have a variety of businesses to donate the material to so that it can be cut and re-fashioned into new useful products.

We appreciate the inquiries we receive concerning our recycling policies - it lets us know that others are also concerned about the environment and in keeping a green earth.

Thank You and Happy Holidays
The team.



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