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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Basement, Attic, and Non-Hinged Tree Storage Options

That time of year is here again; time to trudge down to the basement, or up into the attic to dig for your artificial Christmas tree. If you are anything like I used to be, you will find it stuffed back in the same broken down, dirty old box it originally came in, maybe wrapped inside a garbage bag, ( great storage idea,….. for cavemen!) Not to mention dragging that heavy box up or down the stairs is a huge headache.

But perhaps your storage ideas are not completely prehistoric. You have thought of purchasing a Christmas tree storage bag to make storage easier, but TreeKeeper bags are only available for upright artificial tree storage,... right? WRONG! offers a variety of storage options, for none hinged artificial trees that must be dismantled for storage, and options designed specifically to make navigating the stairs for basement or attic storage easier, whatever your personal storage needs has you covered.

You will never struggle with inconvenient flimsy cardboard boxes or cumbersome plastic containers again. has the storage solution that is designed specifically for take apart (up to 9 ft) artificial Christmas trees. The TreeDuffel bag is perfect for take apart artificial Christmas trees, you can store everything together, no searching around for each separate storage bin that contains a different piece of the Christmas tree puzzle. The TreeDuffel Christmas tree storage bag fits all of the separated pieces of your dismantled artificial tree in one convenient expandable bag. And, it comes with wheels for easy storage; all you have to do is simply roll it up or down the stairs and into storage for the year. The TreeDuffel will keep your Christmas tree investment dust free, clean, dry, and out of the reach of critters, so when next Christmas rolls around, your artificial Christmas tree comes out of storage "minus the headache", clean, easy and ready to welcome in the new season!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Safely Storing Your Christmas Village Collection

Snow is falling outside, Christmas music is playing, you are sipping on hot coco pulling your Christmas Village out of storage. As you arrange your beautiful Christmas Village collection for the Holiday, it looks so wonderful; nothing could spoil this perfect winter afternoon. You continue pulling your Christmas Village out of storage for display when you notice,…WHAT!..... one of your favorite pieces,… is,…. cracked! Your storage system for your fragile Christmas Villages was not a good one, you kept telling yourself you needed to do something about it and now look at what has happened! That piece completed your perfect Christmas Village display, you could order another, but it was expensive, and if you display it you know every time you walk past all you will see is that huge crack in your beautiful Christmas Village.

So how can you make sure your precious and expensive Christmas Villages will be stored safely for next season? The VillageKeeper from is the answer. You simply place your Christmas Villages back in there original box at the end of the holiday, and then store them in the VillageKeeper. The VillageKeeper will fit 25-30 buildings in one storage bag, plus accessories. Built of a heavy duty polyester/nylon fabric, much like a strong canvas, the VillageKeeper will keep your Christmas Villages all stored together safely, free from chips, cracks, and broken pieces caused by poor storage. The VillageKeeper also has wheels to easily roll your Christmas Villages into storage once they are safely packed away. Never allow bad storage to put a damper on your Christmas decorating again, protect your investments with the VillageKeeper and other great storage options from

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why make the switch to an artificial Christmas tree?

In the beginning of the 19th century, the very first artificial Christmas trees were manufactured in Germany, by companies that specialized in brushes, they created artificial Christmas trees with green dyed goose feathers, animal hair, plastic bristles, and wires branching off of large sticks. The industry certainly has come a long way, today’s artificial Christmas trees, no longer look fake, many look so real you cannot tell that they are not, until you get up close or touch them. This would explain why artificial trees are growing in popularity.

What are some of the benefits of owning an artificial Christmas tree opposed to purchasing a real tree each year?

While it might not be for everyone, especially those who will miss that fresh, pine scent, you will have a needle-free carpet and house. Artificial Christmas trees are also ideal for those suffering from allergies to conifers. Artificial trees can be a bit pricey, especially if you want to invest in one that will look real and be the center of your families holidays for years to come, however in the long run artificial trees can be easier on your wallet, they are a long-term investment that will last well over 10 years, if taken care of properly. The biggest factor involved in taking good care of your tree investment and making sure you do get maximum use out of it is proper storage. offers a variety of great storage options, whether you have a small artificial tree, or a large 15 ft artificial tree has you covered with storage solutions that will keep your tree safe and free from dust, mold, critters and other hazardous storage conditions. So if you do decide that an artificial tree is for you, make sure you take storage into consideration, proper storage will maximize the years you get from your artificial tree investment.

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