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Friday, October 31, 2008

You really can fit “a whole Christmas” into one storage bag

With the GreensKeeper from you can! This bag has so much room and versatility, with all the space in the GreensKeeper it can easily accommodate one 10-15ft tree, multiple smaller trees, one 60" take-apart wreath, garlands, and the list goes on. Don’t count this storage option out simply because you do not have a large Christmas tree. There are so many storage options with this bag, which makes this bag great for businesses and households that, “get into the Holiday spirit” each year when decorating for the Christmas season. For homes and businesses like these a GreensKeepers bag for the after Holiday clean up will afford all the room needed to store all their Holiday décor until next season. And with features like large rollers you can easily roll it away to storage. If you are worried about such a large bag taking up precious storage room, the GreensKeeper even comes with a built in top hook to secure the bag while it stands on end in storage, this will save space and keep this large storage bag out of your way.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

TreeKeeper storage options make the Holidays easier

The Holidays are such a busy time, along with all the normal things in life that you can barely fit in, the Holiday season adds, gift shopping, parties, family gatherings, and decorating, just to name a few of the extra’s . By organizing your Christmas storage you are giving yourself a head start when it comes to preparing your home for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice to think you could get all your Holiday decorating done in a few short hours, as opposed to your whole weekend?

With all the Holiday organizing products that offers this is very possible. Imagine setting up your Christmas lights, easily rolling them off the LightKeeper spool to decorate your tree, no messing with huge knots of Christmas Lights. How about relaxing and enjoying decorating your Christmas tree for a change. After the lights went on so easily it’s time for ornaments, and you find all of your keepsakes and ornaments ( that you are usually digging through storage bins for), are neatly organized in the OrnamentKeeper, simply put on the Christmas music and relax while decorating your tree. And when everyone’s favorite, gift wrapping comes around you’re not running around looking for tape, scissors, and Christmas themed wrapping paper. This year you have the WrapKeeper, all your Christmas gift wrapping necessities are in the same great storage bag. This year you may just be able to relax and enjoy everything the season has to offer.

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Protect your Holiday wreaths with Wreathkeeper

There is something so festive about a holiday wreath; they are a friendly welcome to all your loved ones visiting your home over the Holidays. But what happens when the holiday season is at an end? Are you tired of just sticking your artificial wreaths in the attic or the closet - where they will become dusty, and even musty smelling? Store your artificial wreath with ease in the Wreath Keeper.

This storage bag is constructed from heavy duty nylon, and features hard sided walls for extra protection, these reinforced side walls also allow for added support while in storage, and the ability to stack your wreaths safely inside their WreathKeepers. Other features of this bag are an inner storage compartment which provides you with an area to keep ornaments, and straps inside the bag to secure your wreath or wreaths; this is especially handy if you will be hanging your WreathKeeper while in storage. This bag is great for garlands, too! Each bag will hold up to three undecorated wreaths, or one decorated wreath. WreathKeeper is available in several sizes; choose from 24”, 36" , 48", 60" or 72".

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Benefit of the Rolling Tree Stand

When you purchase an artificial Christmas tree you are paying for the tree not the stand that comes along with it, so naturally the stand is poor quality, small, and flimsy. Why would you continue to use that same poorly built stand on your Christmas tree investment year after year? It’s probably time to upgrade.

The best Christmas tree stand is the TreeKeeperPRO Rolling Tree Stand from This heavy duty, professional, Christmas tree stand is designed to stabilize and strengthen your artificial tree with its support collar (which will hold a tree trunk of up to 2” in diameter), will hold your tree secure and in a perfectly vertical position. The metal legs of the stand measure 29” in diameter and are designed to support and securely stabilize up to a 9ft artificial Christmas tree.

The TreeKeeperPRO rolling tree stand makes moving your tree for the Holidays easy, especially for the ladies. Now you don’t have to wait for your husband to help you get the tree into position every year, just set up your artificial tree in your new Rolling Tree Stand and move it wherever you like. Use the two side roller wheels to easily maneuver your tree into position. Once you have positioned the tree just the way you like it simply lock the wheels to hold the stand in place. After Christmas, simply unlock the wheels and roll your whole tree into storage. For added convenience and cost savings try the TreeKeeper Pro Kit - you get the Rolling Stand and the TreeKeeper storage bag to make storing your tree at the end of the season a snap. Just close your TreeKeeper bag around your tree to protect it while in storage, and then roll it away with the convenience of the Rolling Tree Stand.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive storage bags

Christmas tree storage bags need to be tough enough to handle metal branches, pointed trunk poles and other components of your tree without tearing or puncturing the fabric. You’ve heard it time and time again, “you get what you pay for”, as higher price equals stronger fabric, zippers, etc. How much money will you actually save if you replace that $20-$50.00 storage bag every few years because it simply will not hold up to the abuse of an average 75 Ib. artificial Christmas tree? You can find numerous other economical storage bags, however, there is nothing built as strong and as durable as the TreeKeeper Bag products. TreeKeeper offers an impressive 5 year warranty.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attic and Basement Christmas Tree Storage Options

That time of year is here again; time to trudge down to the basement or up into the attic to dig for your artificial Christmas tree. If you are anything like I used to be, you will find it stuffed back in the same broken down, dirty old box it originally came in, maybe wrapped inside a garbage bag, ( great storage idea,….. for cavemen!)

But maybe you have thought this storage thing through, and you store your tree in plastic totes, that seems like a pretty good idea, it keeps them clean and dry. But wait a minute; you have to store each piece of your tree in a different tote because when you went out and purchased the totes you could not find one that would fit your whole artificial tree in one neat and simple container. So instead you cram each piece of your dismantled tree into a different plastic tote, and let’s face it, plastic totes aren’t really designed with Christmas tree storage in mind.

I will never struggle with inconvenient flimsy cardboard boxes or cumbersome plastic containers again. I have found a storage solution that is designed specifically for take apart (up to 9 ft) artificial Christmas trees. The TreeDuffel bag is perfect for take apart artificial Christmas trees, you can store everything together, and no searching around for each separate storage bin that contains a different piece of the Christmas tree puzzle. The TreeDuffel Christmas tree storage bag fits all of the separated pieces of your dismantled artificial tree in one convenient expandable bag. And, it comes with wheels for easy storage; all you have to do is simply roll it down the stairs and into storage for the year. The TreeDuffel will keep your Christmas tree investment dust free, clean, dry, and out of the reach of critters, so when next Christmas rolls around, your artificial Christmas tree comes out clean, colorful and ready to welcome in the new season!

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