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Friday, January 25, 2008

Protect Christmas Decorations All Year

Christmas decorations are often special and irreplaceable so why risk bringing them out next Christmas to see them broken or tattered. Make sure to save your priceless items and use an effective storage method so they will survive year after year.

Imagine what could be happening to the cardboard box you used to store your decorations in this year:
  • A basement can be a dangerous storage area since it tends to be damp and wet all year. A cardboard box sitting on the floor of a basement could be damaged by water which can ruin an artificial tree and its lights. The TreeKeeper Bag is water resistant and is made to protect artificial trees in damp conditions.
  • Choosing an attic for Christmas decorations can also be a risky storage decision. The roof of your house could start to leak from the snow or rain, causing your cardboard ornament box to suffer water damage. Mice in your attic space could also chew holes in your box and break or ruin special ornaments. Use the heavy duty OrnamentKeeper bag to protect your precious Christmas ornaments from the risks of attic storage.
  • Storage areas near children's toys and games may also be a problem since kids tend to knock things over to find what they are looking for. A WreathKeeper bag is perfect solution since it has straps for hanging on a hook rather than stacked in a box.
Protect your favorite Christmas decorations by using smart storage options in your home. Don't wait until next Christmas to properly store important Christmas items; make sure they survive storage without being damaged.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Improve Christmas Storage Techniques

For some people Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year. Aside from spending time with the family, eating great food, and opening presents, there are the chores of buying gifts and putting up Christmas decorations that are hard to find, or worse yet, broken!

Get ready for Christmas ‘08 now by using correct storage for each type of Christmas decoration in your house. Organizing decorations into unique Christmas storage bags makes it easy to bring out your favorite lights, ornaments, and other decor.
  • Use the TreeKeeper bag to simplify putting up your tree and keep the mess as minimal as possible. The TreeKeeper bag allows easy set up and take down of any artificial tree.
  • The LightKeeper bag’s inner rotating spools wrap lights in a neat and orderly fashion allowing for easy put up and take down. This LightKeeper bag saves time and removes the hassle of untangling Christmas lights.
  • Having an OrnamentKeeper bag helps with the important and fragile ornaments placed on the Christmas tree. The lightweight storage bag can be lifted and moved all the way around the tree for placing or removing important ornaments.
  • Condensing all of the items used to wrap Christmas presents can also relieve a great amount of stress. The WrapKeeper bag has storage compartments for all of your wrapping needs in a handy and convenient workstation.
These heavy duty storage containers are very durable and will withstand the normal wear and tear of taking them in and out of storage each year. With a little planning now, it will be easy to put up your decorations next year.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Great Solutions for Christmas Decoration Storage

The New Year has officially begun, and that means it is time to get your house back to normal. There will be no more Christmas tree, lights, or decorations until the next holiday season. Taking down the Christmas décor can be frustrating and difficult if you lack the correct tools. Using the TreeKeeper bag is a great way to store your artificial Christmas tree without the struggle and aggravation of taking down your tree and putting it back in a box until next year.

The artificial Christmas tree may be your biggest problem, but organizing other Christmas décor is also necessary in order to successfully decorate your house next year.

  • Placing treasured ornaments in a cardboard box could mean they will be ruined the next time you bring them out of storage. The OrnamentKeeper bag organizes up to 80 ornaments and can prevent them from breaking or cracking.

  • Taking down Christmas lights is another stressful situation since they can tangle and twist together which makes storage very complicated. The LightKeeper bag has two inner rotating spools that allow you to wrap your lights inside the sturdy storage bag for quick clean up and easy installation next year.

  • A fully decorated wreath should not be thrown in a box or undecorated in order to store without damage. The WreathKeeper bag can store fully decorated wreaths in a heavy-duty nylon storage bag allowing wreath removal to be effortless.

  • Wrapping presents is a complicated job since it involves wrapping paper, ribbon, cards, tissue paper, pens, bows, scissors, and tape. Storing the wrapping tools can be easy with the WrapKeeper which has easy dispensers and compartments that can also create a wrapping station for the next holiday season.

  • Holiday villages generate a great deal of attention during the holiday season because of their detail and uniqueness; however, most villages are fragile and can be broken with one wrong move. Use the VillageKeeper bag to store your village boxes so all of your buildings will survive storage.

Now is the perfect time to organize your Christmas decorations, so why wait any longer? Organizing your Christmas décor will make it easier for you to decorate your house for the next holiday season!

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