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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christmas Tree Storage: Protect Your Holiday Decor!

Just returned from local Christmas Shop with all Christmas decor products. The Christmas decorations, lights, artificial trees, wreathes and greenery all reflect a new trend in holiday décor. These holiday decor products are high-end...and expensive...for good reason.

Artificial, commercial-grade Christmas trees and wreathes look and feel more real-life than ever. Christmas tree lights (both indoor and outdoor lights) are now very high-end, delicate yet durable and actually last a very long time. In fact, light saving light-emitting-diode (LED) Christmas lights use less than 10% of the electricity consumed by filament bulbs and can save you close to 95% on your electricity bill. LED lights also stay cooler than traditional lights making them safer to hang next to your Christmas tree ornaments. The non-replaceable bulbs often have up to a 10,000-hour long-life.

The Three Ps of Holiday Storage: Preserve, Protect and Put Away!
This all being said, with such high quality, holiday décor investments, you need solid protection for valuable holiday decor! is your only source for holiday storage solutions…and that’s all we do…so we are committed to providing the highest quality holiday storage products available today. All of our products are designed to easily preserve, protect, and “put away” your Christmas trees, wreathes, lights, ornaments and other valuable heirlooms and collectibles…season after season.


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